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We specialize in real-time tracking solutions, offering a dedicated mobile app and features that redefine communication and management in the transportation industry. Welcome to a company committed to shaping the future of logistics.


Why Choose WhereIsTheLoad

Real-Time Tracking

Check the real-time location of your trucks and loads effortlessly. Our tracking system ensures you have the information you need when you need it, enabling you to make the best decisions on the go.

Mobile Application

Experience logistics management like never before with our dedicated mobile application. From real-time data access to dispatch updates, our app is your one-stop solution for staying connected and in control, wherever you are.

Shararable tracking links

Enhance collaboration with our shareable tracking links. Keep clients, partners, and team members informed and engaged by securely sharing real-time tracking information.

Map portal

Our map portal offers a glimpse into your fleet’s history. Dive into past tracking data to analyze and optimize routes, enhancing efficiency based on valuable historical insights.

What's Next?

IFTA Reporting: Simplify tax reporting with our upcoming IFTA reporting feature.

Employee Communication: Streamline team communication effortlessly through our dedicated platform.

Files, Documents and Photo sharing: Share crucial files, documents and photos seamlessly with the app.

Employee Working Hours: Efficiently manage and track employee working hours for enhanced workforce management.

ELD Support: Soon, our platform will offer an integration to Electronic Logging Devices (ELD), ensuring compliance and efficiency in your operations.

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